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The Double

The Double - José Saramago, Margaret Jull Costa During every Jose Saramago novel, I am thinking that I should not be enjoying myself. The run-on sentence structure, the chapter-length paragraphs, the lack of dialog attribution and punctuation all contribute to what should be a difficult and unpleasant read. But goddamn, I’m mesmerized every time. The Double is no different.As a writer, I ask myself constantly, “how the fuck does Saramago do it?” He takes a simple concept, one that would take lesser writers only a few pages to wear out, and extrapolates on the idea for 300+ pages. In the case of The Double, a man notices a striking resemblance between himself and an extra in a movie. He becomes obsessed with identifying this man, ultimately contacting him on the ruse of simple curiosity. Simple, right. But Saramago manages so much more than this reader would think to be possible.