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The Broken World

The Broken World - Tim Etchells Much is touted about the book’s unique video game walkthrough format, but unfortunately it is this element that presents many of the novel’s problems. The walkthrough portions are rambling and vague, which go against the purpose for a traditional video game walkthrough. Author, Tim Etchell definitely takes liberties to make the format more story-friendly, which ultimately made a better book. However, considering that the main draw for me (and I assume many others) is this walkthrough style, the execution disappoints.The video game itself, aptly called The Broken World, lacks the structure of any true video game. Initially, I tried following the game’s logic as the narrator describes it, but eventually I realized that the game itself is an impossibility. After this realization, I felt relieved that I wouldn’t be charged with remembering details, but at the same time I was dissatisfied that these game elements would ultimately amount to little more than aesthetic page filler.Overall, witnessing the narrator’s increasing isolation from the real world, as he demonstrates his expertise with The Broken World, is a satisfying draw, making this book worth the read. Just, don’t push too many of your to-reads out of the way for it, though.