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twelve ELEVEN thirteen

twelve ELEVEN thirteen - Pablo D'Stair Twelve ELEVEN Thirteen is the newest in Pablo D’stair’s growing catalog of paranoia novellas. Following i poisoned you, Kaspar Traulhaine, approximate, and a long list of prior works, Twelve ELEVEN Thirteen builds upon D’stair’s legacy of suspicion and terror while pushing forward in terms language and the all important concept of empathy; a necessity when following the skewed rationale of a paranoiac for 122 pages.The novella’s title refers to the narrator’s apartment complex hallway, in which the near-entirety of the novel is set. After witnessing a strange man enter a neighbor’s apartment, Jervis Tidmouth quickly becomes obsessed with the stranger’s purpose, weaving a web of jagged and inconsistent rationale to satisfy his neurotic curiosity.The beauty of a D’stair paranoia novella is the degree to which the author is able to account for, and ultimately justify, his narrator’s unabashed skepticism. Taking a macro level view of Tidmouth’s situation, it would be easy to dismiss this narrator’s every concern as improbable blather, accounting for every instance of narrowed eyes (pg 10), of someone “brushing at something” (pg 96), of a police officer “nodding with [Jarvis:], eyes set, friendly” (pg 86) as coincidental at best, unimportant at worst. Tidmouth’s over-analysis of crossing a street should be laughable:“I didn’t slow my approach, but did grit my teeth, gave thought to making a dash for my apartment, but that would mean turning back in the direction I’d come from or else crossing the street, right there, then back in the direction of my apartment—either way it would be an obvious recoil” (pg 12).But at a micro level, the reader is eased into an understanding of the paranoia. This works, I think, because we aren’t reading angry skepticism. It’s passive, pitiful, even, yet ultimately logical. This slow nurturing of the reader is impressive, which makes me hope Pablo never writes a political manifesto.(D’Stair is willing to give FREE copies of his books to anyone willing to provide uncensored reader feedback. Click here for info)