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Flashover - Gordon Highland Click the image below to watch the quick Wordless Video Book Review This, Gordon Highland’s second novel, contains all the quick-pacing of an airport bestseller with the methodical attention to sentence structure and language of a high-literary life’s work. Though the premise isn’t earth-shattering in its concept (the author would tell you this himself) the execution of the premise is absolutely unique. Not much can be said here without spoiling, so I’ll leave the official synopsis to speak for the premise.I was most impressed by the way that Highland is able to explore multiple timelines simultaneously without compromising the individual effectiveness of any of them. He teaches the reader how to read his book, which is something only the very best authors know how to do well.If you’ve read his previous novel (Major Inversions) you’ll know well Highland’s clever twists of phrase and perfect comedic timing. If you haven’t read Major Inversions, I recommend you start with Flashover. Get a taste for what this amazing author can do, then go back and take in the first novel. Finally, write your congress person and ask that he support a proposition to get Gordon Highland to write another novel.