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Bookmark Now

Bookmark Now: Writing in Unreaderly Times: A Collection of All Original Essays from Today's (and Tomorrow's) Young Authors on the State of the Art --and the Art of the Hustle--in the Age of Information Overload - Kevin Smokler Unfortunately, Bookmark Now fails to deliver what its jacket copy promises. We’re told that this collection of essays will provide reflection on the much touted probability of the book as a doomed medium, and reading as a doomed vehicle. What we get is a series of, too often self-congratulating, essays on writers and their personal coming-to of writing as a passion and/or career. There’s not much introspection or exploration to be found.There is, however, some amount of hope. For those fearful of the book’s death, some essays, and especially the collection’s introduction, do serve to promote optimism in an increasingly TV/video game/interactive culture. It would have just been nice to have more of these moments that actually followed up on the promise of the collection’s subtitle: Writing in Unreaderly Times.