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The Stone Raft

The Stone Raft - José Saramago, Giovanni Pontiero Based on the four previous books I've read by Saramago (Blindness, The Double, All the Names, and The Cave), I would call myself a devout fan. But The Stone Raft simply didn't work for me as well as the others. I think because this book turns away from a focus on the characters as individuals and instead comments heavily on politics, that I fell away from what I've grown to know Saramago as being so good at: his ability to imbue every situation with unflinching humanity. The Stone Raft just doesn't do that.The Stone Raft was published much earlier than any of the other four books I've read, so it is possible that I am simply more a fan of his later work. We'll see; I have Death With Interruptions and Seeing (two of his most recent books) next on my Saramago list.