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roulettetown - Sarah D'Stair It helps to know what you're getting into with this book (though isn't that the case with all books?). Roulettetown is a very stream of conscious narrative about a woman at a roulette table in a casino (assumed) during the course of a single night. So, at 88 pages, you can imagine just how stream of conscious this book will be.This quiet, slow (in a traditional, vs. James Patterson commercial way, slow) book captures the ever-observant narrator's obsessive, yet honestly, quite honest, view of her small world, her Roulette Town. We aren't meant to infer anything about this character. We aren't meant to expect a twist. We are meant to em-mind the narrator, filling her static shoes for a few pages.The reader ends up feeling like the narrator herself, looking for temporary companionship in the strangers around her, searching every muscle twitch, every blink, every stupid bet and assumed gambling "trick" from those around the table for a sense of community. And that's the magic of this book: we ride the logic of community inside the narrator's head, where community for all of us begins: our head.