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Chewing the Page: The Mourning Goats Interviews

Chewing the Page: The Mourning Goats Interviews - Phil Jourdan, Stephen Graham Jones, Stephen Elliott, Chad Kultgen, Chelsea Cain, Rick Moody, Joey Goebel, S.G. Browne, Christopher Moore, Nick Hornby, Vincent Louis Carrella, Craig Clevenger, Michael Kun, Caleb J. Ross, Rob Roberge, Paul Tremblay, John Langan, Donald Ray Far too many author interview books feel so self-involved and seem to serve only the authors themselves. This one is different. Authors talk about writing in a way that downplays their own work in a refreshing way. In fact, the actual interviewer isn't even disclosed (simply referred to as The Goat) which goes a long way to imply the lack of ego involved in the creation of this book.You've got a lot of great authors being interviewed here including Stephen Graham Jones, Paul Tremblay, Chelsea Cain, [a:Christopher Moore|16218|Christopher Moore|], [a:Nick Hornby|2929|Nick Hornby|], and more.