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The The Neverending Story

The The Neverending Story - I managed 142 pages of this 300+ page novel before I realized that I wasn't reading because it was a great book; I was reading because I love the movie. The book is pretty awful.This is a typical high-fantasy novel, complete with genre tropes (strange names for the sake of strangeness and a plot full of magic-centered contrivances). The only redeeming quality is the meta-fiction aspect, the book-within-a-book angle that, without which would leave this novel with one star.Granted, this is a young adult novel, so perhaps I am unfairly dismissing the book on grounds that that I (27 years old) was never meant to tread. But because the movie was part of my childhood, and I feel many other readers would attempt this read for similar nostalgic reasons, I'm going to rate it appropriately.